Altron is a proudly South African technology group, with a footprint in South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia and the United Arab Emirates.

Since 1965, we've been harnessing the power of data, technology and human ingenuity to solve real-world problems. As a technology industry leader, we see change as an opportunity to redefine the competitive landscape and create a simpler, safer and smarter tomorrow.

Our portfolio of businesses help companies operate their enterprise IT, optimise services and transform with a focus on future growth.

We're a trusted partner to 50% of the JSE Top 100, including leaders in banking, retail, healthcare and transport and logistics. We also provide critical national solutions to the public sector.

Altron presents a compelling investment opportunity within the dynamic platform and IT services sector. Altron is in the early phases of an exciting journey and its strategic positioning, diversified revenue streams, robust financials, and seasoned leadership team are key drivers of sustainable long-term value creation. With a clear runway for growth, Altron presents a unique opportunity for investors.

  • Altron strategically operates within the growing telematics, fintech, healthtech, security and IT services sectors, positioning itself to capitalise on the digitalisation trends in these sectors.
  • The company benefits from significant total addressable markets, offering diversification with a runway for growth.
  • Its focus on sectors experiencing strong tailwinds aligns with the global digitalisation agenda, ensuring sustained demand for its services.
  • Dominating key markets with top 1-3 positions, securing a formidable market share.

  • Altron boasts a diversified revenue base derived from platform businesses and IT services, providing resilience and stability.
  • Established strong client relationships with a diverse existing and growing client base, together with a portfolio of proprietary solutions contribute to a high annuity revenue stream, fostering revenue predictability and long-term partnerships.
  • The company's commitment to continuous innovation, evident through its extensive own IP portfolio and data monetisation opportunities, ensures it remains at the forefront of industry developments and drives future growth.

  • Altron maintains a strong balance sheet with low gearing, providing financial flexibility to navigate uncertainties and capitalise on select growth opportunities.
  • Its disciplined capital allocation approach prioritises investments in innovation and growth while supporting an attractive dividend policy, showcasing commitment to shareholder value creation.
  • The company's cash-generative nature further reinforces its ability to sustainably fund strategic initiatives and deliver consistent returns to shareholders, with a dividend policy of paying out at least 50% of headline earnings per share from continuing operations.

  • Altron is led by an experienced management team with a shared vision for long-term value creation, backed by deep industry expertise.
  • The board comprises individuals with diverse skill sets, offering strategic guidance and oversight to drive the company's growth agenda.
  • The operational management team's deep industry knowledge and execution capabilities positions Altron for success in executing its strategic initiatives.

  • Netstar offers investors a unique opportunity to gain exposure to a well-established South African telematics provider, operating in other tier-1 and high-growth jurisdictions.
  • A growing subscriber base combined with an expanding suite of stolen vehicle recovery, advanced vehicle and fleet tracking, fleet management solutions, OEM relationships, insurance telematics solutions, fleet intelligence services, and best-in-class IoT solutions.
  • Strong financial discipline and the ability to scale in varying markets (South Africa, Australia, South‑East Asia and rest of Africa).