This section provides answers to commonly asked questions

Our year end is on 28/29 February each year. We release full year results in May every year. Our half-year ends on 31 August. We release interim results in late October/early November every year. From the end of each reporting period until results are released, we enter into a closed period.

Outlook | Medium-term guidance that we are targeting

We make strategic choices when it comes to mergers and acquisitions.

Below are our key considerations in identifying potential acquisitions:

  • Focused on Altron FinTech, Altron Security and Netstar.
  • Targeting South Africa, South East Asia, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.
  • Business needs to be complementary to our core capabilities.
  • Display strong governance with an invested management team.
  • Offer a good cultural fit.
  • Size should be bolt-on and not transformational.
  • >70% annuity base.
  • Investment to be NPV positive.